Think Before You Upload

privacy1_wideweb__470x3620How much thought do you put into what’s on your Myspace profile? Are you concerned about who might see those photos of you on Facebook? What steps are you taking to make sure people who wish to exploit you don’t receive your private information online?

The Victorian government want you to Think Before You Upload.

I agree with the message of the ad. But really, could it be any lamer? The music is annoying, the animation appropriate for 5 year olds and it goes on way to long. And they give no indication that posting to the internet without thinking carries any consequence other than mild discomfort and annoyance. I mean really, if I was a teenager and my grandmother saw a picture of me kissing a girl, it really wouldn’t phase me.

What we need are some short, sharp, edgy ads. Really show the consequences. Show images of a girl’s life falling apart because naked images of herself she sent her boyfriends are now on the phone of everyone at school. Show a young guy losing his job because he bragged about his sickie in his Facebook status. Show someone suicidal because of the false information posted about them by a cyber bully. A cartoony flash video is not going to reach teenagers. We need something more.

To the Christian young people out there, I make an appeal. Don’t just stop at posting potentially damaging things on the internet. While you should be considerate of others feelings and the consequences of your actions, that’s only the first step. Flee from immorality. Don’t put yourself in a position where damaging photos of you can be taken. In this digital, Web 2.0 world, you will be caught. Instead, live upright lives that bring honour to God.

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