Are You A Good Cop Youth Leader Or A Bad Cop Youth Leader?

Check out this quiz at Stuff Christians Like to find out if you’re the kind of youth leader who’s a good cop or a bad cop.

It’s funny stuff. The problem is I love being the bad cop leader. I love being the one at 2 O’clock in the morning standing in the middle of the boys room with a mag lite telling them that they will stop talking and they will go to sleep. Yet I scored a 100% good cop rating on the quiz. Is there anyone else out there who balances mischeivious with authoritarian?


About Joel A Moroney

Associate Minister at St Luke's Anglican Church, Liverpool (in the Sydney Diocese). A very strange man, but he usually has Pez, so that makes it okay.

2 responses to “Are You A Good Cop Youth Leader Or A Bad Cop Youth Leader?”

  1. funny says :

    I think anyone can become a leader by working good.

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