Urgent: Questions for Fervr Vodcast

I need questions for this week’s Fervr Presents Vodcast. What would you like to know about how we prepare for Moore College Mission? Ask a question and get name checked in this weeks episode!


4 responses to “Urgent: Questions for Fervr Vodcast”

  1. Alamanach says :

    Could you give a little more background here? I’m still not clear what “Moore College Mission” is. Is it a mission or a college? Or is it a mission to a college? And how is this related to Merryland Academy? I know you’ve had three videos on this already, but between the sound quality and your Aussie accents, I couldn’t make much sense of them. Please back up a few steps and help me out. Thanks.

    • Joel A Moroney says :

      Sorry Alamanach. Hadn’t really considered overseas viewers when putting this thing together. It’s for Fervr, which is a new Christian youth site that’s about to launch here in Sydney in the next few weeks. I can’t help the accents, but I can give you some cheat notes.
      Moore College is the Theological College I attend here in Sydney. Each year the College gathers all of it’s students into teams and sends the teams out to different Churches in Sydney (and sometimes further). The idea is to help the evangelistic efforts of a Church for a week – Moore College Mission. Merrylands is the suburban parish my team will be going to. We’ll be working at Merrylands Anglican Church (Anglican is my denomination) and working with them to tell people about Jesus.
      Any other questions?

  2. Alamanach says :

    OK, that makes sense. I mistakenly took on the role of evangelism deacon at my church once upon a time– I was the wrong guy for the job. (I’m Lutheran, by the way.) I can’t bring in new folks. What I can do is work with them once they’re there; I had a lot more success teaching Sunday School to our high-school aged members (about 14-18 years old. But that’s just me.

    OK, so you’re sending out a team to Merrylands Academy. Who’s on the team? Can we see names and faces?

    • Joel A Moroney says :

      Not Merrylands Academy. Merrylands Anglican Church. Merrylands is the suburb and we’re going to the Anglican Church in that suburb.
      I’ll be interviewing team members this week while on mission. You’ll see names and faces then.

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