Ethical Dilemma: 9yr Old Abortion

I’m studying Ethics at college this year. I really doubt it’s going to make thinking issues like this one any easier. Church hits out after nine-year-old’s abortion.

I believe that abortion is wrong. But when you see a situation where a nine year old victim of sexual abuse and incest is carrying twins and will very likely die from giving birth? The answers aren’t so easy.

What are the factors to take into account when thinking this issue through from a Christian perspective?

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2 responses to “Ethical Dilemma: 9yr Old Abortion”

  1. Alamanach says :

    I disapprove of abortion too. But cases like this prevented me from settling on an “it’s always wrong, period” sort of position. I am not aware of anything in the Bible that specifically prohibits abortion. We are enjoined not to kill, obviously, but then we are also told that for all things there is a season– including killing.

    Anyway, if we have a case like this one, then someone is going to die no matter what we choose. We could kill the babies and save the mother, or perhaps save the babies but probably kill the mother. Which way to go?

    It seems to me that this mother is a member of our society of some years. She is one of us and has been for some time. Her babies are newcomers unknown to us. If a society absolutely must choose between one life or another, that I think it has an obligation to protect its own. That means we abort the fetuses and save the mom. I don’t like that conclusion– the babies certainly didn’t do anything to deserve this (and neither did the mother)– but that’s where I end up.

  2. Debra says :

    i believe that abortions are morally wrong!!but in this situation it is very neccasary!!!this little girl was a victim, and did not have the choice of getting sexually abused and she should not give birth due to her age!abortion is very appropriate in this s ituation.

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