Chocolate Worship Part 2

Coles Caramel Mighty - Worship Me!

Coles Caramel Mighty - Worship Me!

First Magnum icecreamswere calling for you to bow down before them. Now it looks like Coles brand chocolates want in on the act too. Let me make that clearer: Generic. Brand. Chocolate. We’re not talking high quality Swiss chocolate that you can only buy in exclusive boutique stores. We’re not even talking the stuff that promotes itself using a gorilla playing drums. We’re talking about Fun Sized packaged chocolate bars that bear the name of a supermarket chain on them. And they want you to worship them.

It says it right there on the package: Worship Me! Are our standards that low? Will we bow down to a cheap Mars Bar rip off? Are we looking for any excuse to worship something that isn’t the one true God who actually has expectations from us?

I bought these chocolates to give out at youth group as prizes. I didn’t read the packaging before hand. That disappoints me as it would have made a great teaching point about how we treat God and turn and worship other gods.

(Yes, the packaging is open in the pic. I had to get the chocolate out of the packaging to get a decent scan. Okay, yes I ate the chocolate. That’s what chocolate is for. Chocolate is not my master. It will submit both to me and my belly.)

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2 responses to “Chocolate Worship Part 2”

  1. ooza says :

    lovin it Joel, so true, get…in…my…belly! (and no I won’t worship you either)

  2. Tim says :

    I noticed this too when we got said chocolate. It shocked me that it said that. You’re right, it’s not like they’re anything special.

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