End of Month Review – September 2008

The end of the month means another End of Month Review. Let’s jump right into the Top 5.

1) GI Joe and Bible Translation

This article pointed to a link on a site called Stuff Christians Like. While I don’t always get his articles because I haven’t grown up in an American, large Church culture, more often than not I’m laughing out loud. Well worth checking out.

2) Exo Day

I most definately didn’t realise when I wrote this how big a deal it would be. Within a couple of hours this one article got more hits than I get for the entire site in a day. It even resulted in a journalist calling my Church office trying to get in touch with me. To say I was a bit overwhelmed that morning would be an understatement. My theory is that there wasn’t much in the original story as it didn’t last long enough to make it to the 6pm news. The buzz that happened around this article convinced me that it was more than just a handful of my friends that were reading Pop Culture Christ. If I was committed to this site before, I was afterwards.

3) Do You Worship Chocolate or Coffee?

We were recently challenged at College to observe the world around us. To pay attention to what we see as we walked along the streets of this city. Advertising is rarely subtle, but when this ice cream ad caught my eye, I was intrigued. It shows that what was once underground and secret when it comes to the materialism and “me-ism” of our society is increasingly being brought out into the open. Wouldn’t it be great if a wave of Christians were to hit magnum’s website and declare their allegiance to Christ?

4) Movie Review: Wall·E ( 2008 )

This is a great movie. We need more G and PG rated movies that are fun for all ages. And that message about consumerism is something that needs to be said again and again. Though it is a bit undermined by the number of Wall·E toys lining the shelves at Toys R Us…

5) Summer Bay Christianity

I was beginning to wonder if there was any point about covering Australian content because the American stuff got more hits. Guess I was wrong. Any other Australian content you would like to see covered here?

That’s the Top 5 for September. Continue to comment on the articles, spark off discussions, etc. Drop me a line if you think there’s something missing from Pop Culture Christ that would be helpful to have. Remember to check me out on Twitter. I’ll be announcing updates for Pop Culture Christ there (also check out the RSS feed if that’s your thing) as well as other observations that I can fit in under 130 characters.

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