End of Month Review – June 2008

Behind The SceneseI love checking out the stats on Pop Culture Christ. It’s great to see what people have been reading. And it is always interesting to see what people have typed into search engines to get here. At the end of every month, I aim review what’s been going on behind the scense at Pop Culture Christ.

Top Five Posts for June 2008

1) The Simpsons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Guest Star

I’m curious if this was the most popular post because it was about The Simpsons or about the Roman Catholic Church. What do you think?

2) Acts 1:8 and Youth Evangelism

I’m keen to hear some feedback on this post. I think it needs some work to flesh it out a bit.

3) Fight Club Rules

I’m sure people are landing on this post because they want to read about Fight Club not about small group dynamics. Is there demand for a Pop Culture Christ movie review on Fight Club ?

4) Book Review: Rapture Ready

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to dwelving into it more for future posts. Also, quite a few people have asked to borrow it off me.

5) Music Review: Jesus Of Suburbia

For a post that I wrote over a year ago, this has certainly proved popular. Putting the name Jesus into a secular song title will certainly get people thinking.

Interesting Search Terms

What have people been typing into Google etc to get here?

using buzz lightyear to share christ – Can anyone think of some suggestions?

ghost rider – devil – I’m surprised that Pop Culture Christ was so high up on this search list.

there is no point to jesus’ death – I hope the person who looked for this found that Jesus’ death is the most important event in history and necessary for our salvation.

There we have the June 2008 review. Any comments or observations welcome.

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