Time For Retirement: Cliffhanger

Sylvester Stallone - CliffhangerHave you ever heard an illustration and thought “Wow! That really captures what the Bible and the preacher is trying to say!” And have you ever thought, after you’ve heard the tenth different preacher use that same illustration for the hundredth time that it’s time to come up with something new? There are illustrations out there that have done their dash. They were great the first time, now they need a break. For those illustrations, it’s Time For Retirement. Today’s application for Time For Retirement: Cliffhanger.

Cliffhanger is a Sylvester Stallone feature from 1993. It’s an action movie based on mountain climbing. In the opening scene, Sylvester and his female companion are mountain climbing and have a equipment malfunction. The girl’s life is in danger. She needs Sylvester to save her. She puts her trust in him, but ultimately he fails. He is not an adequate saviour. She put her faith in a saviour who couldn’t save.

This scene has been used as an example of how we are all in danger. We all need a saviour. But the only true saviour is Jesus Christ. No one else is able to do the job. If we put our faith in any one or any thing other than Jesus, that saviour is going to fail. It’s a great illustration.

So what are we going to replace it with? What are some suggestions for new and fresh illustrations that show us the same thing?


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