Sermon Preview: Jesus – Who Reigns Over Us

This term at St Luke’s we have been looking at Christology. We’ve seen how Jesus was promised since day one, how he came into the world, how he died on the cross and he rose from the dead.

But what now?

I’ve been challenged this week when thinking about Jesus in the 21st century. We know about the historical Jesus. We know about the Jesus that will come on the final day. But what about the Jesus right here and right now? (And yes, I do know they are all the same Jesus, but it doesn’t have the same dramatic effect)

Jesus is our King. We say that a lot. I know a lot of Christian kids songs that remind us of that over and over again. But what does it mean? In what way is Jesus my king? Is it just a title or does it have real implications? This is what I’ll be speaking on tomorrow. I’d be keen to hear any comments. When the audio file is added to our Church website, I’ll create a link.

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