Movie Review: Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3This is an article that I originally wrote on May 11th 2007. Enjoy.

Spider-Man 3 (Rated M)

Starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst

Things I learned from watching Spider-Man 3:


      1)      Spider-Man’s mask is magic and can disappear and reappear depending on what the scene requires.

       2)      Emo = Evil

      3)      You can ask for forgiveness without saying sorry

Forgiveness is an interesting concept. It’s a theme that runs rampant through the movie. Almost all of the characters are after forgiveness in some way, shape or form. But never does so much as a simple apology ever leave anyone’s mouth. Peter never apologises to Mary Jane for acting like a self obsessed jerk. Harry never apologises to Peter for blaming him for the death of his father, the original Green Goblin. The Sandman never apologises for accidentally killing Uncle Ben. There’s a whole lot of asking for forgiveness, but not a single sorry in sight.

 Is it possible to ask for forgiveness without saying sorry? Sure it is. All things are possible. However, saying sorry is an important part of the forgiveness process. God calls us to forgive others, just as he has forgiven those who turn to him. Through the death of Jesus Christ he has forgiven us of our sin. But without repentance, that forgiveness is a bit of a joke. Repentance is where we recognise that we have done the wrong thing and seek to stop doing it. Repentance is saying that we are sorry for our actions and that we want to start living the right way. Repentance is the appropriate response to Jesus’ death on the cross.

Would you forgive someone who wasn’t sorry for what they had done? If someone had hurt you, stolen from you, done wrong by you, would you forgive them if they were not sorry? The Bible calls us to forgive others no matter what, but you would be feeling a bit ripped off. Would you ask someone for forgiveness without telling them you’re sorry first?

God has forgiven us. If you believe that he sent his son Jesus to earth to die for your sin then God has forgiven you. There is now no problems between you and God. You are on God’s good side. How should we react to this forgiveness? How should we respond to this brilliant gift that we have received. Repent. Say sorry. Make an apology. Say to God that you were wrong. The apostle John says in 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.




Let’s get over ourselves. The world wants to tell you that you are Number 1 and that you don’t have to apologise for anything. That’s rubbish. God wants us to acknowledge that we have done the wrong thing. God wants us to realise that we need his help. And, as always, he’s right.

How about we recognise that we need to say sorry? Say sorry to your mates when you hurt their feelings. Say sorry to your family when you let them down. Say sorry to God when you reject him and ignore his will for your life. Anyone can ask for forgiveness. It takes a super hero to say sorry.

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2 responses to “Movie Review: Spider-Man 3”

  1. Adam Floro says :

    We must also realize that Jesus did not carry our sin on the cross for our sake, but for the Glory of God. God is just and our infinite sin needed justice. Not any man on earth could have done what Christ did, not even all men combined. Even the flood did not atone the sin they had committed. However, it was man’s sin, and man needed to be the sacrifice as well. So it needed to be half man, half God. Jesus was a necessity for God’s Glory. God does everything for his Glory, if it were not so, why would anything be done at all?

  2. joelamoroney says :

    I agree Adam. I would like to quibble slightly over one of your sentences, however. “So it needed to be half man, half God.” I agree with the sentiment, though I would have phrased it “it needed to be 100% man and 100% God.” The full humanity of Jesus and his full divinity are not only important, but essential.
    Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful comment.

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